Why Rakuten Securities?

Comprehensive Trading Execution & Clearing for Japanese Markets - Flexible and scalable service accelerate access to markets. Answering your trading structure. Right solution is ready to use at Rakuten.

  • Ultra-Low-Latency Solution
Cost Benefit
  • Brokerage w/ most competitive fee
    (Volume based pricing is applicable)
  • All assets listed in Japanese market
    (Equity / Derivatives / Commodities)
Customer Support
  • Japan-Quality Hospitality service
    (24/6 Support Desk Available)

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Our Trading Solution

- All trading venues are available. -
To accommodate your unique trading strategy, Rakuten provides Flexible / Customizable trading architecture options

From Open & Proprietary solution to Exchange Colocation

  • via ISV (ISVs of your choice)
  • via API (FIX, Proprietary API)
  • via Proximity (for TOCOM)
  • via Colocation (for JPX)

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- All Products Listed in Japan -
Rakuten offers comprehensive execution & clearing services of all products listed in Japan at multi-asset levels.

  • JPX (Equity)
  • JPX(Financial F&O)
  • TOCOM (Commodity)

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Foreign Exchange

- FX Trading -
Rakuten Securities OTCFX solutions are well designed interface and offers its low-latency and stable execution.

  • ASP Service
  • Liquidity Provider

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Who is Rakuten Securities?

Rakuten Securities is the securities division of Rakuten Group which operates as Japan's largest E-Commerce provider.

Our online financial services launched in June of 1999 and have grown to one of the largest online brokerage houses today. Rakuten Securities provides comprehensive financial brokerage services with wide range of asset products; domestic and international cash equities, derivatives commodities, bonds, investment trusts, ETF, FX, etc. With Rakuten Securities' strong foundation rooted into Japanese market, today our new mission in Japanese financial world is to welcome and attract various cross-border businesses to oversea investors.

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Rakuten Securities, Inc.

Professional Trading Unit

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